Walton Christian Church partners with Tin Roof Foundation in providing food/education/medical needs in Nicaragua. Tin Roof has worked in Nicaragua since 1991 and is focused on helping children and families develop a strong physical/spiritual foundation in life. Nicaragua has survived great challenges throughout its history, from war to earthquakes to internal power struggles to outside forces attempting to control and influence. On a trip to Nicaragua in 1991, Al Meyer saw first hand the great need. So, Al and his wife Charelene decided to do something about it by starting Tin Roof Foundation as a ministry to help the "poorest of the poor."

Tin Roof partners with local ministries (Rayo De Sol & Fabretto) in Nicaragua to provide daily lunches, educational opportunities, and medical assistance for children and their families in various communities. Also, Tin Roof is involved in ministry with special needs folks in Matagalpa in partnership with Foundacion Familias Especiales de Santa Julia Billiart.  

WCC partners with Tin Roof financially through Rice & Beans Week, Annual Kenton County Farm Tour, and Sponsor-A-Student Opportunities.